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Gutian Kanghong Food Co., Ltd The Gutian Kang Hong Food Co., Ltd. established in December 1992 which combined important import and export rights of scientific research, agriculture, industry and trade. The company engages in mushroom cultivation, the sales and development of mushroom-made healthy food. Kang Hong products have already covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The Company has two areas of land approved by the State Administration of Commodity Inspection (Edible Fungus) and a standardized production with approved export permits by Kang Yijia mushroom cooperatives. Additionally Kang Hong established the Xiamen KangyiJia Trading Company Ltd. in the Xiamen Pilot Free Trade Zone Area of China (Fujian) in August 2015. It has a new online brand "Kangyijia" and another 26-year-old brand "Gu-hong" that awards from the "Fujian Famous Trademark" and "Ningde Famous Trademark". Kang Hong integrates all of the Company resources and undertakes the active development of responsible ecological agriculture. This enhances their marketing potential for export quality for both domestic and foreign markets and it is su...



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